UPDATE: Project Wonderful & The Knockoffs

I thought I’d update you all on the Project Wonderful… project.

I sent them this email yesterday, in hopes that they would have something positive to tell me regarding their views on fashion replica companies utilizing their [awesome] advertising tools to connect with fashion bloggers and advertise on their sites.

I received a response this morning, and I continue to be nothing but pleased with Project Wonderful.

Hi Lindsay, thanks for writing!

I really appreciate you taking the time to write and let us know about your feelings on this.  We have actually gotten a lot of feedback from publishers about this.

It’s the first time this sort of advertiser has used our network (to our knowledge), and we don’t have anything in place to deal with the situation.  We already have an update to the terms of service planned for the new year, so we will be including a restriction against knock-off/replica goods.  We’ll be letting this advertiser know about the upcoming change, along with any other advertisers we find who are selling these kinds of products.

Thanks again for writing with your feedback.  It’s the only way we can learn about how we’re doing!

All the best,


They are so great. I am so happy that I signed on with them and ditched the majority of other ad services. I still run some adsense in the feeds and whatnot, but I’m growing disenchanted with their impersonal strategies and increasingly frustrating payment policies.

Thanks to all who commented on the email! I feel really strongly about getting ideas ripped off/people taking credit for others’ creations from personal experience, so I get a little evangelical about it – occasionally to a fault. The feeling of seeing someone else holding/claiming your work as their own is a horrible feeling that no one should ever feel. Putting yourself and your creativity out in the public eye is hard enough… Winning public opinion is even harder. Can you imagine accomplishing that much just to see someone else holding your ideas and saying “Look what I did!”?

I’m glad I took a worthwhile chance saying something to Project Wonderful – an ad service with ethics? Who’da thunk…?