Blowing Smoke

For those who don’t know, during the day I (Jen) work at an office.  The dress code is business casual, which means half the employees wear suits, a quarter wear jeans, and the rest wear something in between.

I, of course, don olive green tights, satin dresses and two-toned oxfords.  Typical workday wear.  Obviously.

But some days I’m normal, and wear pants.  They’re warm and don’t require me to sit like a lady, but when I began wearing dresses I delegated them to my “uninspired” days.  Pants. Boring pants. Five-foot-tall Jen and her nominal choices for boring pants that she doesn’t have to hem.

Low and behold, today I found pants that are classy, but not boring.  Pants that inspired me.

Tobacco pants.

insight Novelty Boot Leg Pant in Tobacco: $65 $25 on Ideeli through 12/29/10

I’m dreaming of black lace and suede pumps.  Or maybe vintage brushed gold t-straps and bronze jewelry.  Or forest green and silver.  Oh god so much silver.

These pants probably don’t “shock” anyone, or inspire nearly as much obvious excitement as something really novel would.  I’m feeling a quiet excitement about them, though: that feeling you get when something’s been dragging you down and you didn’t know it until you were pulled out of it.  They’re not amazing pants; they’re pretty neat pants.  A little less bored by the idea of pants pants.


What part of your wardrobe seems “safe” or boring right now?  How can you get inspired by it again?

One thought on “Blowing Smoke

  • December 29, 2010 at 2:36 pm

    My black tights seems to be getting old and boring now. I usually pair it up with an equally dark top or chunky knit sweater.

    I guess I should add a punch of colour by wearing tops in bright hues to liven up my outfit a little.


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