Graphic Tee Club: Out Of Print

In this case, however, there’s nothing to be sorry about. As a proud nerd, I have a penchant for classic American novels. While “I LYK GUD BOOKS” doesn’t really look super awesome on a silk top, Out of Print has devised a way to flaunt your love for classic literature without becoming part of the “clever word combination” t-shirt community.

Out of Print takes famous book covers and prints them onto t-shirts. Modern book covers have, for the most part, taken the art out of the equation. Out of Print favors the, um, out of print book covers from editions past. These covers are a little glimpse into the art and style of history, and it’s really, really cool.

Each shirt is under $30, and many are on sale for only $20! 

My picks would have to be…

Walden (Green, Blue)

My first literary loves were authors from the Transcendental period — Thoreau, Emerson, Whitman… I’m all crunchy and full of gooshy nature vibrational love, it’s true. Don’t tell anyone. (But tell everyone to read them because they’re fantastic.)


Lolita Graphic Tee


The Great Gatsby (First Edition, Lewis Edition, Lustig Edition)

Library Stamp

Out of Print truly is the destination for bibliophiles. They have tons of beautiful book covers, but also have tons of things that book-lovers will covet, like this stamped-up tee.

Out of Print also prints sweatshirts, baby onesies, and men’s clothing. They also have a very limited selection if literature-inspired jewelry, socks, gorgeous book-themed tote bags, and tech cases.