(Sm)Art like Kelli Murray

As it’s my job to scour the internet for all things lovely, beautiful, jaw-dropping and fashion – imagine my delight when I stumble upon something that encompasses all of those things, and more.

Though I don’t utilize Lookbook.nu terribly often, nor do I typically peruse it (as all posts on there seem to look the same to me), occasionally, I come across an actual inspiration that stops me in my tracks. While the formula there seems to be granny boots + tights + floral skirt + cardigan… Or ripped tights + cutoffs + baggy tank top + headband, artist and designer Kelli Murray approached the opportunity with a different perspective.

As an illustrator based out of California, she utilizes Lookbook not only to showcase her adorable style, but to prove the while, yes, fashion is an art form, so is style.

Polka Dot Frenzy

new dawn. new day.

Baby Blues

A Day In Your Shoes

See How They Shine

Not only does Ms. Murray have an adorable style, and mad skills in the art department (not to mention a genius marketing plot), she also sells her wares in an Etsy store.

My Heart Carries Me Through $65
16×20 canvas print

My Beloved. My Friend. $55
11×14 canvas print

Visit her blog, her Lookbook, or her Etsy store.

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