The New Suit

I’ve been going on some interviews lately (what? Real Job? Yeah, right.) and, naturally, I’ve been contemplating the relevance of suits.

Honestly, I own very few “business clothes” and feel comfortable with that. Honestly. I don’t want a suit, I think that dressing “business-y” is kind of ridiculous and superficial, and I just generally hate the idea that one must look absolutely boring, lifeless, and robotic in order to procure a job where your skills are the only thing that really matters. I mean, think about it: white shirt, black pants, black jacket, boring shoes, minimal makeup, blah blah blah. Who wants that? Who wants that?! So boring.

No job could possibly be so rewarding that I would sacrifice all I know and love about creativity and aesthetics in order to achieve it. I would live in a cardboard box wearing McQueen before going there.

Yes, I could go on for hours about this, but I’m sure you get the gist.

So, I thought to myself… “What is my interpretation of a suit?” I wanted to translate the idea of a classic staple (which I find so completely boring, unless done correctly) and came up with… Monochrome.

Jacket, Star City, $29.99; Dress, Louche via JOY, £49; Shoes, Steve Madden Flawwles Pump, $89.95; Ring, ATRO, $27

While everyone might not sit well with the idea of wearing head-to-toe purple, I’ve consulted my sister, Aleah, and as our joint favorite color is the office-classic grey,I figured I’d prove that grey does not have to be lame.

Skirt, ASOS, $50.73; Top, Max Studio, $98 (was $110); Sweater, Charlotte Russe, $18; Belt, Charlotte Russe, $8.50; Shoes,
Liliana Catch Pump
from Endless, $34.10

Dapper men belong in suits. I belong in all of these things.