365Hangers: Battle To The Death!

Jen and I have decided that we have come to a breaking point in our fashionship (fashion + friendship) and have used 365Hangers (an amazing discount shopping site that celebrates all shapes) to help us battle to the death.

Not really, but we did both enter their Style A Shape contest, which challenges ladies of all sizes and shapes to fit, flatter, and flaunt their bods in beautiful clothes. So, it’s less of a battle, more of… a… Well, more of a big party.

Here are the reasons that this is not a battle and my title was misleading (here I go, doin’ the work for you):

1. We both look amazing.

It’s true. We are clearly both mega-babes, and furthermore, I took both photos (& I’m obviously the world’s best photographer) – though Jen’s is like way prettier because she’s got flowers in her pictures. Then again, I’ve got a beautiful Camilla D’Errico print inspired by Neil Gaiman… So it’s pretty even. Except for my chronic bitchface. (But then again, maybe that’s my advantage…!)

2. Jen is an okay chick.

Yeah, we basically don’t hate each other. Mostly only love each other and continue to be platonic life partners.

3. You can vote for both of us.

This pretty much eliminates any chance of this being a battle. You don’t have to choose between us, you get to vote for both of us. Zero percent competitive energy present.

…So vote for us, would you?

Just remember how many pairs of 70%+ off shoes we’ve introduced you to. How many free things we’ve given you. How many new swear words and offensive phrases we’ve taught you. Would it kill ya to give back a little? Hmm?

All you have to do to vote is…


Just go to the page, click the “Like” button, and you’re off! Bonus points (and eHugs) for leaving a nice comment, too.

…Oh, and don’t forget to tell your friends. xo!

Probably watching Netflix.

One thought on “365Hangers: Battle To The Death!

  • July 12, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    Voting and then getting out of the way of the BLOODSHED.

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