With all of the recent political insanity – an economy underwater, those who drowned it as yet unpunished, many states taking away their workers’ union rights (see Wisconsin, Ohio), and women’s rights yet again under fire (with presidential candidates comparing abortion to slavery), it’s hard to be a patriotic American these days. We seem to be moving backward, losing our rights and independence instead of fighting to win it.

But this morning, I’m less shocked and appalled by all that political crap, and more stubborn: where’s my America, and when will it be cool to start wearing red, white and blue and rocking my US pride again?

As if on cue, sent me an email that basically said: “When? Well, this spring, you clairvoyant, you.”

Ella Moss Sleeveless Ruffle Dress ($168) and Velvet Ivonne Maldives Stripe Dress ($108)

The key to Americana is to think classic. People tend to get caught up in the simplicity of a single-color dress and add tons of accessories for “visual interest,” but they’re not necessary. The point is to keep it simple, natural, understated.

Basically, Americana is the easiest style to wear, ever, as long as you don’t stress out about it.

Converse All Stars ($45), Joie Higher and Higher Platform ($255), Frye Carson Shorty Boots ($208)

Lindsay swears by Converse pretty much forever, and I can’t blame her. Tobi’s selection ain’t bad, with high- and low-tops in red, white, blue and black…but I’ve always been and probably always will be a leather girl. (Even my faux Converse shoes, by Tretorn, are suede.)

Kill City Gaza Strip Plaid Shirt ($84), MiH Jeans Francoise Tie-Front Shirt ($163) and Deauville Shorts ($172)

I have a feeling that my world is going to revolve around shorts this summer: shorts with boots, shorts with sandals, shorts with tights on blustery days. I’ve yet to find the perfect button-down (due to boobs) but it appears I’ll continue to have lots of options as the trend slips into summer.

Charlotte Ronson Boyfriend Cardigan ($215) and Fisherman’s Jacket ($315)

Charlotte Ronson’s prices are…prohibitive for me, to say the least, but I had to include them because of how perfectly they’re styled. I even like the beige leggings. (Have I lost my mind?)

What do you think of these American classics?

Are they understated and pretty, or a little too simple?