Erin Fetherston: In Sheep’s Clothing

I’m never shocked my Erin Fetherston’s approach to her collections. Ethereal? Check. Airy? Check. Proper? Oh, yes. Mischievous? Oh, hell yeah.

This isn’t actually Erin Fetherston. This is Erin’s new line appropriately named Erin. After stepping down as the CD of Juicy Couture, she started up this new, lower priced line to take the next step in her fashion-y career. All pieces are priced from $195-$600. Swoon.

I am wondering if the way this collection was presented (models in something other than WALK FORWARD pose) is having an effect on how much I love it. Seeing the fabric move and the coy gaze of the blond, braid-headed models bring this collection to life.

It ws playful and sexy, but still chic and sophisticated. I loved the bevy of pleats and chiffon, chiffon everywhere. The sashes that surpass the hemline got me excited at the idea of a more playful aesthetic for fall, as opposed to a heavy, woolen standard I’m so used to.

Fetherston played with volume in a way that I haven’t seen much. A pink, knit dress with exaggerated dolman sleeves looked cozy, but also like something you could dance for hours in. A hefty bow on the hem of a shirt dress is a little coquette-ish while still being (appropriately) sexy.

I like this playful, light-hearted fall girl, and can’t wait to get my hands on these pieces (just want to touch!).

You can view the rest of Erin Fetherston’s collection on

Probably watching Netflix.