Hurry! 8-Hour Steve Madden Midday Madness Sale

Ever since I had to return my lovely yet star-crossed Anvils, I’ve been waiting for Steve Madden to show me the perfect boot, during a perfect sale, so I could use my perfect 20% discount to procure a perfect replacement for those not so perfect boots.

I’d make a glass slipper analogy, but that conjures up thoughts of a broken glass slipper, which scares the crap out of me. Do what you will with that.

My point is this: My Fairy Shoe Mother was listening to my perfect boot prayers. Today only, from 10am to 6pm, Steve Madden is having what they call a Midday Madness sale.

Before we journey into an abyss of fall styles, I must tell you that there are ninety-seven shoes on sale today, including deeply-discounted sandals and pumps. If you’re also on a “glass slipper hunt” (aka looking for the perfect shoe regardless of season), it may not be in this post.

Knee-High Boots

Aubree: $189.95 $132.97 // Luceyy: $249.95 $174.97

Yes, Steve Madden also has the standard lace-ups and buckle boots, but these two are just so much more interesting! I love Luceyy’s curved zipper.

Mid-Calf Boots

Blizardd: $89.95 $59.95 // Trenchh: $129.95 $90.97

I need the Blizzardds. Hands down. They remind me of 1920s aviator boots. Come flyyyyy with me…


Carnaby: $159.95 $99.98 // Abigayle: $129.95 $89.95

I’m currently wearing a pair of black wedge booties, and want at least two more pairs in different styles. The Carnaby booties look incredible on (click the link for an image) and the wood base on the Abigayle is really unique.

Wear ‘Em With Tights

Watchout: $109.95 $76.97 // Becoming: $109.95 $76.97

Tights, socks, doesn’t matter. Footwear with footwear is in this autumn, and I’m taking advantage. I’d love to pair the Watchouts with some really interesting patterned tights, and the Becoming with scrunched or knee-high socks.

Yes, oxfords were in this spring, and even a teensy bit last winter…but they’re sticking around for at least one more season (see: every celebrity ever) and I think we should take advantage of it. Some fashion magazines are calling oxfords “the new flat”; I’m asking them where the hell they’ve been.

One thought on “Hurry! 8-Hour Steve Madden Midday Madness Sale

  • October 6, 2011 at 11:24 am

    These boots are AMAING! Steve Madden is almost always on trend and the sale prices can’t be beat. I will def strive to incorporate these looks into my fall wardrobe. Simply amazing..

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