I’ll Cover You

As I was doing a little pre-Spring cleaning (don’t judge me) I found some of the vintage scarves my mother gifted to me.

When I first received them, I thought I’d use them for some sort of DIY decorating project.  Now, with S/S 2011 as inspiration, I’ve decided I need to wear them.

Ergo, I’m building a headscarf arsenal.

While I’ve been researching on where to find the best headscarves (Etsy’s vintage section?) and how to tie them (I’ve already found a good start on vintage and hijab styles) I’ve found myself becoming more and more distracted by headscarf porn photos of beautiful headscarves throughout the fashion blogging community.  Unable to work because – OH, LOOK, A PRETTY THING?  No.  Never.

Via Lookbook

Via Lookbook

Via Lookbook

Via Natural Belle

Via Lookbook

Via Tumblr

On a related note, one of my new favorite Tumblrs is Hijab on My Head.  Whether you’re wearing headscarves for religious or fashion reasons, it’s worth a look.

Will you wear a headscarf this spring?

  • Diana Knauf

    I love scarves (I have at least 100, about half of them vintage). I look for scarves that can serve the purpose primarily of wrapping around my neck, but with enough fabric to pull up over my head if it is windy or rainy. I have them in all fabrics, lengths, colors and patterns. Some I wear to pull an outfit together, others just because I am cold, but there is no reason not to look fashionable.

  • Yay scaraves! I always check thrift stores. They’re usually only $1 or $2 tops, and you can find gorgeous silk patterened ones that are in really good shape! Can’t wait to see some of the looks you come up with!

  • I’m sort of completely obsessed with scarves, whether worn on my head or around my neck. I think I got the addiction from my mom and great-grandmother. They both have quite the collection. Oh, and the first picture sort of makes me die. In. Love.

  • GORGEOUS! I always wear scarves, but I’m inspired to wear more!

  • Loving all the photos, very inspiring! I thought only muslem/jewish loves to wear hijab/scarved. The comments above proves me wrong, so excited to know this. Do check out my blog for more scarves/hijab inspiration :)

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  • kaylyn

    Love scarves! StarLightBeauty gives new life to old scarves! They sparkle and are beautiful!
    Check ’em out!

  • Rachel

    Beautiful silk scarves.

    100% silk & satin pillowcases, hair wraps, silk scarves & more to keep hairstyles fresh while you sleep & more!

    Google ESSENCE OF SILK they have the best prices & selection.

  • these photos are gorgeous!