I’m Wearing: Red & Blue & Bright All Over

I’ve developed some strange habits.

  • I wear less makeup…except lip products. I’m wearing more lipstick, gloss, flavored balm – you name it, it’s going on my lips.
  • I only wash my hair twice a week, and spend more mornings deciding to wear it naturally bed-wavy instead of blow-drying it.
  • I’ve started taking stock of my body, and how well I’m taking care of it. Everything from what goes in it (more spinach!) to what goes on it (more pretty nail polish and dresses!) is being revamped to fit who I want to be right now.
  • I’ve fallen madly in love with the color blue.

Hot days, cool buildings. How could I stay away from lava rocks and a giant ice blue wall?

I’ve recently learned that asymmetrical hair styles are not condusive to pigtails. This is utterly disappointing.

Dress: c/o Karen Kane

Zip-back booties: Banana Republic, $60
Gold bangles: gift
Polish: Zoya Robin, $8
Lips: MAC Russian Red, $14.50

  • Lady, you look RAVISHING! That lip color is utterly lovely on yas.

  • shell

    Lipstick and toenail polish. You don’t need anything else. Lovely. Great photos!

  • That dress is adorable. I want it.

  • kim

    You look fabulous and chic!!!

  • Kelly

    Oh my word, I MUST buy Russian Red. So pretty, fingers crossed it will work with my auburn hair!

  • Tia

    I have to say, I adore this dress. Also, I’m totally enamored of how the background of your photo compliments the color palette of your outfit so nicely.

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