It’s On Sale, But It’s Still Tacky

Emails. Going through them is sometimes exhausting. Also hilarious.

Sale! Selected items are now reduced!


Oh, wait.

Was ninety-five pounds! Now seventy pounds!

Was tacky! Now…still tacky!

You are the water. It is raining. You’re like a watery rain thing, and also see-through. AND FIFTEEN POUNDS OFF!

“Is that a button placket going down to the vagina?”

“YOU’RE a button placket going down to the vagina.”

Okay, these just remind me of the nineties. Also, heroin. Also, I kind of like her hair. Looking to Lindsay to confirm:

“Also, like they’re trying to butcher Leigh Lezark‘s image. But less hot.”


Images via Simon Preen. I hope your feelings aren’t too hurt.

  • Ria

    These are really awful, no wonder they’re on sale.