Jenni Kayne: Expected, Unexpected

As I began to peruse the stills from Jenni Kayne’s Fall 2011 runway show, I felt a sense of peace take hold.  Simply, elegantly, each design seemed to float.

Continuing her mantra of “chic, easy to wear” clothing, Jenni Kayne’s Fall 2011 collection features simple, solid colors – lots of white, gray, cream and black – styled with lace and silk.  Utterly classic.

As a side note, I really appreciate that she accessorized each model with the same simple silk shoes. It’s easy to prop up an understated look with sky-high heels, and it’s good to see someone showing truly feminine looks paired with a flat foot.

One trend that seems really popular this year is a more draped upper half – coats layered over sweaters, long thick sleeves.  I’m not mad at it.

So, I’m watching, I’m loving…and then the world turned upside-down.

Color-blocking trend: fuck you.  This shit just got serious.

The designs are still simple, the fabrics are still classic, but that color!  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  And still came the flat silk shoes – just in those same bright colors, playful but elegant.

Back to black, with added fur and a colored shoe.  After that shock of color Jenni Kayne seems to be holding us by the hand, wading further into the water while trying not to frighten us.

These beauties bring to mind the women of 1920s vaudeville. Walk to work in flats and a long coat; reveal the sparkly stuff on stage – you know, after the patrons have entered and there’s no sign of the cops.  (Prohibition epitomizes the idea that slinky and sneaky is always sexy.)

These aren’t my favorite looks, but they’re certainly some of the most interesting.  I adore the feathered skirt (though the rest of the pairing is a bit toy nutcracker) and think that each of the mustard-gold pieces work well separately, if not together on that specific model.  (I’m a sucker for mustard.)

Back to silk and sweaters.  These scream “romance” to me, and I’m completely on board with the long skirt and single-color outfit.

What did you love about Jenni Kayne?

Would you wear a single, solid color for your entire outfit?