Jill Stuart: Seasonal

I tried so hard to  clever up a title for this post, but Seasonal is the best I could get. I’m not a color girl, and this collection makes me love color. I typically hate the idea of “color-blocking” as a methodology, but I would consider it for this. Storybook patterns are not my thing, but Stuart’s play on forest-y colors (with a couple metallic shockers thrown in) has my heartstrings in its grips. And no one is more surprised than me.

The cut of the pants, the shape of the shoes, even the weird bucket bag is romancing me with this photo. The sweater, alone, is worth drooling over.

Most perfect dress? Maybe? With the belt? And the boots? The orange? Black? It’s just wonderful, everything’s wonderful. All the colors used are reminiscent of rich fall colors, crunchy leaves, dark wine and the knits and fabric weights are perfect for the chills you get when you visualize those things.

I am not into owls. I am not into mini-dresses. I am not into having prominent animals on my articles of clothing. I love this. Why?

Everything about this skirt is perfect. I loved the mixed media of Celine, last fall, and the leather-trim appeal hasn’t faded a bit.

One obvious “Lindsay will like this” thrown in for good measure. Good shape! Such good shapes.

The secret behind this collection’s appeal? I think, for me, it’s the conservative use of luxury. Some fancy reviews elsewhere talked all about how this was inspired by so-and-so’s art depicting such and such blah (Heidi Specker, german forests), but the use of beautiful, natural fabrics in such saturated, inky colors just sells it all.

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What do you think? Jill Stuart – awesome, or eh?