Peer Pressure: Bright Jeans

Yet again, my Google Feed Reader has made me yearn for something completely out of my typical interests. This time, it hails from The Owls Are Not What They Seem – a blog near and dear to my heart not only for the two owners’ amazing sartorial choices, but for the blatant homage to one of my alltime favorite television series (and Washingtonian emblem of pride), Twin Peaks. This outfit belongs to one of the owners, Noel Vallens, and she is wearing some of the brightest pants I have ever seen.

And I want them.

Look at them! They are beacons of light! Ships will avoid that door simply because she is standing there! Even bright, floral oxfords seem neutral when compared to the joy and happiness that radiate from these bold pants.

There’s something to be said about using your legs to get attention. Wow. No. Please forget that I ever wrote that. There is something to be said about livening up your wardrobe with something expected – like intensely pigmented pants. There, that’s better.

If you think about it, it’s one of the easiest ways to glitz up a boring, casual outfit. Imagine if those pants were just blue denim. Meh. Boring-ish, right? But add in some blinding fabric and voila, you exercise minimal effort for maximum output – that’s my kind of dressing. (Also I like Creamy Caesar.)

Her gorgeous pants are from Zara, whose website is beyond my comprehension level, but I’m sure they’re somewhat affordable! In case you live in one of the [MANY] cities that doesn’t have the joy of Zara, here are some other options for you:

Topshop Bright Green Chino Trousers | $75

Vero Moda Very Loose Tailored 7/8 Pants | $61.86

Talbot’s Signature Fit Super Twill Crops | $48.65

Roberta Scarpa Pants | $79

ASOS Belted Peg Leg Pants | $73.86

Topshop Bright Pink Chinos | $75

Metradamo Lavendar Pants | $79

Talbots Signature Fit Garment-dyed Twill Crops | $48.65

ASOS Red Warehouse Capri Pants | $73.86

Topshop Purple Chino Trousers | $75

Would you try this bright pants idea? Which color would you go for?

  • love the bright pants especially the ones you have on!!

  • I already am! I got a pair of coral/watermelon capris. They’re so fun, especially with a stripey top.

  • Im totally craving a bright pair of red crop skinny jeans!!!! LOVE these pics!


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  • I’ve been thinking about picking up a BRIGHT turquoise, lime or fuchsia shade of pants. Mostly to justify buying some crazy zombie heels. Sadly I want regular skinnies because cropped or ankle pants just end up being regular length on me ~short~ I would definitely try if I could find a great fitting pair.

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