Steal: Zoe Kravitz’s Laidback Sparkle

When I saw this photo of Zoe Kravitz in a casual-yet-edgy get-up at the Alexander Wang show, I knew I had to find a way to get it on my body.

Photo: JustJared

I’m not overly flashy, but despite the blatant metallic pants, neither is this! It looks really easy and, most importantly, it looks comfortable without sacrificing an ounce of personality.

But, being that Zoe was attending an Alexander Wang show during mega-bucks-fashion-week, the chances of finding the silver pants while staying in our lifestyle budget are… cigarette-pant-slim to none. (Though, we’d love to know who made them! Anyone have any leads?) Fortunately, though, we are masters of (re)creation. Check out our Broke & Beautiful Remake of this classic, edgy look!

Steal the Style: Zoe Kravitz

Necessary Objects Ponte Silver Pants, $14.99

Those amazing silver pants? $15. No joke! I couldn’t believe my eyes, either. It’s like I was supposed to fall in love with this outfit and stumble upon these great, stretchy, comfortable pants.

Basic V-neck Tee, $6.98

You guys might think I’m a total nerd, but I hunted for this specific, basic t-shirt. Hunted. The brand is Route 66 and it’s from (gasp!) Kmart. I know. Before a few weeks ago, I’d never shopped there, and hadn’t considered it, but Jen and I wandered into one and my mind was blown. I found these basic tees and, being a comfy-tee-connoisseur, I can tell you that they are the best, softest, and most comfortable tees on the planet. Extra bonus? Less than $7. Pick one up in every color – you won’t regret it.

Blowfish Um… Wang Boots, $69

Just… look past the name of these boots, ok? I don’t know why that happened. You would not believe how hard it is to find the most basic-seeming shoes! Zoe was wearing these beautiful, basic, platform boots with a gorgeous almond-shaped toe in a black patent leather. You know how many of those I found? None. Every boot ever in life is open toe, strappy, buckled, and just generally ornamental. Coming across these stunning Blowfish boots was the closest to satisfied I could get without tossing in some stripper boots.

Banana Republic Patricia Hat, $49.50

I love this hat because it’s so neutral, but it’s obviously so feminine and interesting! Don’t feel like doing your hair? Good, half-assed hair apparently makes the hat look even better. This is definitely an accessory that you’ll be using for years and years to come, and for a $50 investment, it’s a safe purchase.

The Sak Deena Crossbody Flap Bag, $41.90

The first thing I think of when I see this bag: easy. A small (but not too small), crossbody bag in a lush, white leather is the easiest accessory. I love a bag that can keep your hands free, so you aren’t forever bound to your always-slipping purse. Plus, The Sak is a fantastic company with a great reputation, and this bag clocks in at just over $40, which is a more-than-fair price for such a great leather bag.

ASOS Round Sunglasses, $21.95

Sure, these shades might be the most hipster-esque thing we’ve ever posted, but – if you’re anything like me – these are the exact type of accessory you try on a whim, expecting not to like it. After a while, they grow on you and become something in your accessory arsenal that makes you feel unique, and adds a little bit of confidence due to their offbeat aesthetic. Not a bad result for a $20 splurge!

Grab as many bangles as you have, shove them up your arm and throw on your best red lipstick. I am definitely excited to try out some of the newer, edgy aspects of this look!

How about you? Are you digging Zoe Kravitz’s too-cool, too-comfy style?

Probably watching Netflix.