Style (re)Creation: Yellow Coats

The sun is starting to sleep in a little bit longer these days, and doesn’t hang out as much as it used to. At first, we thought it was drugs, but it turns out, it’s really just the Earth’s axis or something.

We were almost tricked into missing this seasonal change, though, due to the high influx of vivid, yellow coats. They’ve been popping up everywhere – most commonly paired with black tights, black shoes, and great hair.

Left to right: Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Lauren Conrad

I’ve never owned a boldly colored coat, and I think I’m past due. The fact that you can wear black tights, black shoes, and well… that’s it, and still look this good┬áis definitely an opportunity I’m up for. I love Rihanna’s coat – it’s a bit more casual and soft-looking, and seems like it would be the perfect pop of punctuation for any otherwise boring outfit.

I’ve also seen this look pop up on some [stunningly gorgeous] blogs:

Let’s not even think about the designers behind these starlets’ coats, though… I just had a PB&J, and would like to keep it down. Fortunately, since this seems to be a bit of a micro-trend, there are bits and pieces of these gorgeous yellow jackets everywhere – and even a few for We, The Broke.

Old Navy Cropped Wool Peacoats | $45

I’m having so much trouble not picking one of these up ASAP. (If you hate yellow, but need a coat, please do check one of the other six colors…)

American Rag Coat | $66.99

I really dig the bold buttons on this one!

DKNY Belted Trench | $49.99

A little bit longer, and little bit thinner… I think that, when I wasn’t dressing this up, I would definitely be wearing a black hoodie underneath with skinny jeans & boots as an everyday, easy, go-to outfit.

Brigitte Bailey Mae Pea Coat | $69.99

Sleeve detail love, and major lapel love.

Would you wear a shocking yellow coat? Or is it too bright for you? Also: Is the sun drunk, or hiding?

Probably watching Netflix.

One thought on “Style (re)Creation: Yellow Coats

  • October 27, 2011 at 1:32 pm

    I would wear one if I could find one that I thought suited my body type. xD I linked my beautiful pettite friend, Danielle to this post because she recently acquired a jealousy-inducing yellow coat from Charlotte Russe.

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