Subliminal Messaging

I don’t often think this, but for the convenience of this intro, and therefore this post, I’m going to pretend:

I often wonder about the origins of a person’s personal style – mine included. There are so many opportunities, especially in this age, for children to be swayed and influenced. Media, of course (as if that’s not all I think about), sets their entire live’s goals on trying to attain your attention and loyalty as early as possible. That being said, I ventured to explore what my personal style childhood lobotomy icons were. Based on my style today, here’s what I discovered:

Mary Poppins

Not only did I watch this movie on repeat, I also, at infantile age, taught my grandmother how to use the VCR specifically so I could watch it while she babysat. One step ahead, this one. I always coveted her bag, and overcoat. Handbag and coat obsession: check.

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Elda Verney Satchel: $108 Etienne Aigner Business Tweed Box Barrel: $67.99 Volcom 'Did I Stutter' Bag: $45.70 Big Buddha Alivia Satchel: $89.95 Marimekko Kivet Umbrella: $60 Sonnet Umbrella: $85 ASOS Corset Lace Back Trench: $56.89

Cruella de Vil

I was always secretly on Cruella’s side (despite my devout and solid opposition to her fabric and material choices, not to mention her behavior towards her peers is just awful), I don’t know why. I think it was the cigarette holder (oh, God, there go 5 suits to Phillip Morris) and her coat (PETA, too).They were so elegant, and I coveted the dirty opulence.

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Tulle Faux Fur Jacket: $42.99 Dolce Vita Persius Wedge: $179.95 Kashmere Cashmere Convertible Gloves: $57 Mango Maxi Dress: $77.41 Obey Silver Rabbit Foot Necklace: $60


It doesn’t explain my hatred of gold (or does it?), but it might explain my adoration of structured, sexy dresses and statement jewelry.

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Aryn K. Renn Sequin Top: $64 Seychelles Thriller Boots: $89.99 TopShop Faux Leather Shorts: $80 ASOS Cowl Back Cardigan: $20.69 Nine West Damita Boots: $69.99 Greylin Cocktail Dress: $96


Every episode I watched, my brain was all lit up with fantastic ideas from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. I loved Jombi’s turban, Randy’s striped shirt (stripes!) and hell – I wanted to be Reba the Mail Lady (true facts). As for Pee-Wee… Tailored suits are one of my absolute favorite things, these days. Not to mention a subdued color palette and unexpected footwear that just works.

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Ann Taylor LOFT Scuba Seam Pants: $44.99 Melissa Wedge: $70 IRO Tee: $45 AllSaints Nanaea Cardigan: $55 Fossil Bow Belt: $28 Fausta Moretti Ballet Flats: $89

I guess none of this is surprising, really. After all, Fashion Imitates Disney, and pretty much controls all of our minds, anyway. I’m just waiting for speakers to shoot out of the ground, and a code word to be put on repeat, sending us all into a zombie-like military state.

…What? It could happen.

  • Subliminal Messaging [She-Ra, Mary Poppins, Cruella de Vil, and… Pee-Wee Herman?]

  • Subliminal Messaging [She-Ra, Mary Poppins, Cruella de Vil, and… Pee-Wee Herman?]

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  • shell

    Excellent analogies! I love those ballet flats, the cowl back cardigan and that corset laced back trench is genius. Thanks, Miss Elle!

  • I just had a post of emulating style icons, and I’d have to say the one I most want to have the attitude of (the style is a tad bit unpractical) was Jessica Rabbit.
    I must’ve watched all (5) of her shows about a million times when I was little, I just thought she was the coolest although my feminist roommate is going to kill me for saying that :)

  • This is so interesting! I never thought of style as this being subconsciously affected by childhood influences, and the dreaded Disney. I was obsessed with Power Rangers, The Little Mermaid and Pocahontas which sort of makes sense because now I sort of dress like a swashbuckling princess who has an undeniable obsession with colorblocking.

  • This is an awesome post! And now I’m trying to think of my childhood style icons…and I’ve got…nothing. I watched a lot of Nickelodeon (Ren and Stimpy!), so their fashion was…nude.

  • Brianna Sheldon I want basically everything on this post. Daaamn!

  • Great idea, the Pee Wee look is so fab!

  • Interesting stuff, the analogies are great, keep up the awesome work!