You Thought You Knew Decals

I did. I thought I’d seen them all.

    • Birds on a wire.
    • A chandelier.
    • A damask frame.
    • Bamboo.
    • A psalm or quote by someone heartwarming.

Never did I ever expect to come across this in my search for the perfect decal:

The Helium Menagerie Decal | $50


That is… until I ran across a comment on Awakened Aesthetic‘s post about all the things I wanted for my birthday (that I didn’t get). (No complaints.) (No, seriously, that sounded whiny and I regret it now.) from an employee of Threadless, letting us know that they make wall decals through (!!!) I know, it was a birthday present within itself.

The prices on these seem steep, but I swear – combining the originality and the number of pieces included… it’s a steal. Here, check this out:

Anise Wall Decal | $65

Ok, so a) this is anise. which is gross-tasting but pretty-looking and b) this decal comes with two huge anise flowers, and two wee little anise flowers for you to place in your anise-loving home. You can choose to have them in a variety of colors: lilac, white, black and grey. You can select monochrome decals, or two colors. I just. I can’t even. So worth $65.

Time Fades Wall Decal | $38

Ok, so imagine this above my bed, sitting romantically and majestically at nearly 4 feet in diameter… Sigh. Looks amazing, right?

Birds of a Feather Wall Decal | $40

Okokokwaitwaitwait. Picture this above my bed… but not in red, no, no. Picture it… in… Ok, no, yeah, red’s good, I like red. Birds flying off towards the bathroom, the feather stemming gracefully from my head as I sleep… It’s perfect.

Darkest Night Wall Decal | $80

And this is just f@#%ing sweet.

What do you think of these outer-wordly decals? Would you put ’em up?

See more at!

  • I love them! I have a silhouette of a mounted deer head above a door and two little mice hanging out by my cat’s food dish! I’d love to do some bigger ones one day!

    • AWWW those sound cuuute! Especially the mice + kitties one. Well, anything with kitties is going to sound cute, but that’s EXTRA CUTE. Kitty interior design.

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  • Ive been searching for the perfect wall decal for my living room for awhile now, thanks for the great ideas, these are GREAT!!


    • I’m so glad it helped! PS – the name of your website totally caught me (so cute), you have a new reader!

  • Sarah

    Yay! I’m the Threadless employee that posted that on Awakened Aesthetic :)

    Threadless is nothing without our community and their art deserves to be on walls as well as t-shirts.

  • well I ignored the existence of decals but they look so great!
    I agree with you, that red feather is beautiful!
    I also liked the Anise Decals!

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