15 Under $15: Wardrobe Staple Edition

From jeans to jackets, sandals to socks, there are always going to be staples in your wardrobe. These are typically unremarkable pieces – let’s not beat around the bush. Staples are boring. It’s okay! It doesn’t make them less valuable, it just means you’re less likely to go on a “cami-buying spree” during a bout of blackout shopping. No big deal.

That being said, they should be free, right? Or at least super, super cheap. That’s what I think, anyway. So here are…

15 Wardrobe Staples Under $15.

1. Per Se Stretch Jeggings, $14.95
2. Old Navy Mexicali Dress, $10
3. Scrunch Leggings, $5
4. Old Navy Striped Tube Romper, $15
5. Aeropostale Solid V-Neck Tee, $5.99
6. Butterfly Wedge Rain Boot, $13.49
7. Aeropostale Neon Solid Long Sleeve Shirt, $12
8. City Street Katya Pump, $15
9. Old Navy Cap Sleeve Henley, $14.94
10. Victoria’s Secret Daily Leggings, $9.99
11. Washed Denim Bootcut Jeans, $11.95
12. Basic Sueded Flip Flop, $7.50
13. Braided Horseshoe Sandal, $14.50
14. Victoria’s Secret Cotton Miniskirt, $9.99
15. Charlotte Russe Patent Bow Peep-Toe, $14.99

Probably watching Netflix.