5 Secrets to a Comfortable Summer Work-drobe

L-R: What I Meant To Sway Was Skirt, $34.99; Birds With Friends Skirt, $42.99; Knife Pleat Skirt, $22.99; Chiffon Your Way Skirt, $42.99.

1. Loose Skirts

The more, the better. I’m in the process of amassing my arsenal of loose, a-line and full skirts of varying lengths and colors. There isn’t a season wherein they don’t work, and they go with pretty much everything – win-win! (Also on my favorites list for summer: hi-lo skirts.)

Ali & Kris Collarless Blazer, $29.99; Floral Printed Kimono Jacket, $21.54.

2. A Loose Cropped Blazer

(Notice a “loose” pattern?) This essential piece is going to cover all of the bra straps that will inevitably be peeking out of all of the sleeveless top you’ll undoubtedly be wearing. (Plus, if you can shut your door, or go out to lunch, you can shed the jacket as soon as you step out the door.) Keep reading…

Lavanila Vanilla Lavender Deodorant, $18; LUSH T’eo Deodorant, $7.95.

3. Purse Deodorant

I swear by this stuff. I always, always have deodorant in my purse – you never know when you’re going to need it. Obviously, the drug store will have the cheapest ones, but if you’re looking to try something new & exciting, I like the LUSH deodorants (I buy a little tin to keep my T’eo deodorant in – it’s perfect!), and these adorable Lavanila deodorants are not only adorable and smell amazing (the one above is Vanilla Lavender, but the Vanilla Summer scent sounds amazing, too) but they’re gross-chemical-free! One note – no black clothes if you’re using the LUSH deodorant, just in case!

Clockwise, top left: Madden Girl Twizzle, $23.99; O’Neil Cruz Sandals, $24.99; Flat Neon Leather Sandals, $20.71; Athena Sandal, $19.50.

4. Convenient Sandals

I don’t care what you wear inside the office, the time between should be spent in confinement-free footwear, preferably footwear that fits nicely into a purse. If that fits your dress code – you’re in great shape. Personally, I love flat sandals with wide-leg trousers and a-line skirts (see #1!).

L-R: Embellished Shell, $16.99; As Cute As You Dot Top, $34.99; Freebird Ruffle Front Tank, $16.99; Twist-Neck Shell, $46.50.

5. Cute Sleeveless Tops

I think sleeveless tops get a bad rap. So many women shy away from sleeveless tops because they hate their arms, or are afraid of sweating, etc… You’re wasting your life by being afraid of clothing, ladies – snap out of it! There are some adorable tanks & tops out there that are perfect for work, and if you really need to, combine with #2 to keep your self-consciousness at bay.

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What’s you’re secret to staying cool at the office?

  • I love those loose skirts as well! Too bad summer would have to end soon but well it still isnt over yet. I do hope you post some more summery clothes and accessories! I love it.