Adventurous Pants for Petites (Under $25!)

Dressing for your body can be so frustrating.

I remember how blown my mind was when I realized that a woman could be straight-sized on top and a petite on bottom… Or plus-sized on bottom and petite on top! I’d never even considered that as a possibility, but thanks to the magic of the mid-200s and What Not To Wear, maybe a few less women will now wear clothes that fit their body.

I still cringe every time I’m shopping, and I hear a 30 year old woman say to her friend that her pant size is an odd number. Odd numbers are for juniors, ladies! Does your body look the same as it did at 16? Just sayin’.

So often, though, the petite section gets about the same level of creative attention that the plus section gets – not much. The same basics-in-a-different cut litter the section, and pants are dark, gloomy… worse – regular. Fortunately, upon skimming the bargain basement of ASOS, I discovered a treasure trove of interesting, exciting, magical…

Statement Pants for Petites – Under $25!


Pleated Floral Palazzo Pants (also in black): $17.91

Pleated Wide Leg Chiffon Pants: $21.49

Pleat Pocket Chino (also in blue): $18.80

High Waisted Wide Leg Pants: $21.49

Linen Mix Rope Belt Wide Leg Pants: $24.17

Printed Leopard Peg Leg Pants: $13.43

Are you brave enough to wear any of these looks? Even if you are – would you want to?

Something about those blue chiffon pants is hypnotizing



  • I may try the pleat pocket pants but the palazzo ones scare the shit out of me.

    • Haha!! Well said. They scare me a little, too… But with palazzo pants and ultra-wide legs like that, wedges really will make everything better. Plus, the pajama factor on the palazzo pants is a little bit amazing, you have to admit.

  • I think I can do the Chinos.

    I know, pick the safest option.

    • Ha! Hey now… baby steps! :)

  • Andrea

    Hi. I just wanted to comment on your statement regarding 30 year old women wearing juniors clothing. I actually have the EXACT same body at 33 as I did at 16. I unfortunately have no choice but to frequent stores targeted to juniors. And if I used my clothing sizes over the years as an indicator, i would say I have a much better body now. At 16, I wore a 7. In college, a 3. Now, 00. Funny, i weigh the exact same weight, and have had no children, so my body hasnt changed all that much over the years. Some women have no clue how difficult it really is for the petite among us. I’d love nothing more than to be able to fit into a pair of “big girl” pants, but vanity sizing has made that impossible for me and plenty of other 30 year old women.

    • Hi Andrea,

      We actually agree, believe it or not! I think it’s fair to say that there are just as many – if not more – women whose bodies have drastically changed since their high school days, and juniors-sizing is no longer appropriate because it is not cut for the way that most women’s bodies change. If your body looks the same, then power to you! There are women who would love nothing more than to be able to fit into the same jeans that they wore in high school, so I think it definitely goes both ways.

      I was definitely commenting on the women who fit my example – bodies have changed, weight has been added… Juniors sizing is not for that woman. Petites would be more appropriate for the woman I described.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment & even out the playing field! :)

    • Ina

      I was about to comment in a similar fashion. Thank you for putting it so well. I definitely look healthier now at 30 than I did at 14-21. I’ve discovered the joys and convenience of biking for one. :)