Barely Banded

Sometimes it gets way too complicated. Everything does! Frequently, I find myself needing to take a step back and say – whoa, this is supposed to be fun. This is simple! Life can be simple. Little pieces like this Gogo Philip Diamante Ring are great reminders that nothing needs to be too overdone, over the top, or complex to be beautiful, appropriate, and just perfect. 

Gold-plated metal form an open-ended band with a tiny gemstone on top. I love where the open end is on this ring – it’s such a refreshing change from the normal adjustable style that always pinches-your-finger on the bottom. Alternatively, you could get blingin’ with some Hot Diamonds Jewellery, but there’s nothing “barely” about that. Which will you choose? The path of life divides once again…

> Gogo Philips Diamante Ring: $10.55 <

Probably watching Netflix.