Birthday Takeovers & A Confession About Graphic T-Shirts

You have noticed (if you follow us on Facebook) that, and I quote…

Today is my birthday, so I have an enormous iced caramel latte, a pair of slippers, and I’m doing WHATEVER I WANT on B&B today.

So, in honor of my level-up in Maturity, I thought I should come clean about a certain “immaturity” that stays with me… graphic t-shirts: I still love them. I wear them. I wear them often. I actually have a personal policy – ahem, I do not wear shirts with words on them unless the font is really good, so when I speak of “graphic t-shirts” I mean not-your-nerdy-brother’s-white-text-on-black t-shirts. But, nevertheless – some people dislike them, and/or find them to be “too young.” I’m not into that. I hold my graphic t-shirts dear to my heart, and even chose a specific one to wear on my birthday. Which is today. Now, really.

R.I.P. Maurice Sendak

I was a big Where The Wild Things Are fan, and was bummed to hear that Maurice Sendak had passed away. I’m proud to wear my Max tee in his honor!

Besides, this is one of the softest tees I’ve ever owned – I’m in Secret Pajamas all day – AGAIN! (Every day is Secret Pajama day in the Broke & Beautiful house.) I have been ogling some new graphic t-shirt designs lately, though… Tell me what your favorites are!

Insight Liberte Tee, $52.19; Just Female Scissor T-Shirt, $41.75; Just Female Nirvana T-Shirt, $41.75; Libertine The Orphan’s Arms T-Shirt, $48.71.

 * Free shipping on any of these t-shirts from ASOS!