Butter London Gets GOOP-y

If you are an Internet Person, no doubt you’ve heard of goop: Gwyneth Paltrow’s new-age-y newsletter about everything from shopping tips to where to get a massage in London to raw food recipes & tips on gardening. goop‘s mission is to share the most “positive things” in life. Its primary function is sending you a weekly newsletter, curated by Ms. Paltrow, which delivers information in one of six categories: Go, Do, Be, Make, Get, and See.

Recently goop partnered up with B&Beauty favorite butter LONDON to create a set of bespoke colors in a small, limited batch. The colors are beautiful, and fit perfectly with the season! goop‘s minimalist ideals are clearly represented in the bold simplicity of the vibrant red, neutral beige, and moody green.

Included are:

  • Abso-bloody-lutely: An opaque, creamy black cherry polish.
  • Bread & Butter Pudding: Sheer & timeless ivory – awesome for every day!
  • Hampstead Heath: Charcoal based with gold & mossy green glitter throughout. This is named after a beautiful, “ancient” park in London.

The set is now available on the goop website for $36 (plus free shipping) – absolutely worth the money, in my opinion. butter LONDON is one of the hands-down best nail polish companies on the market, and the fact that they’re carginogen-free and beautifully packaged only sweetens the deal.

> butter LONDON x goop Nail Polish Collection: $36 <

Probably watching Netflix.