Faux Taxidermy?

I’m not a vegetarian, though I have been in the past, and I don’t have any kind of weird hatred for animals… but I can’t help loving the look of taxidermy & mounts. 

I don’t know what it is about them that makes me so fond of the style. Maybe it’s because I want my house to look like someone’s “Cabin in the mountains :3” board on Pinterest? Either way, I love it. There’s only one problem: I could never, ever put an actual animal in my house in a way that wasn’t cuddle & adorable or cured & dry. Basically, I love taxidermy until I remember that it’s real skin under that real fur and the real teeth used to actually chew things. I don’t know. It creeps me out.

Thank goodness for White Faux Taxidermy, a company whose name leave nothing to the imagination – but their imagination certainly spans beyond simple white.

White Faux Taxidermy Resin Deer

The Agnes: Seafoam Green Resin Deer Head w/Silver Glitter Antlers

Each piece is handcrafted from resin, leaving it completely realistic and completely animal-free. No, really! 0% animals in there, I promise.

Faux Moose Taxidermy (resin)

The Lillian: Cameo pink resin moose head

Faux Taxidermy - Tiger

The Ludwig: Black resin tiger head

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  • DesignGirl

    The only thing that really bothers me about WFT (and similar sellers on Etsy) is that they are resellers. They are not making, tweaking or even designing their items. They are purchasing completely pre-made goods from China and reselling as their own product. :(