Friday Link Love 06. 13. 2012.

This is a ghost post! We are currently taking a week to ourselves (well, ourselves and 13 of our best girlfriends!) in a beautiful place with no cellphone reception and one computer with internet access (which should be “HELP S.O.S. OMG SAVE ME” but instead it’s “aww, this is nice.”), so these links might be a tiny bit old aged*, but that doesn’t make them any less awesome.

A stunning oil/watercolor painting by Marta Penter – gorgeous! Can you believe it’s a painting?!

Happy Friday [the 13th]!

First thing’s first: Hello, Paul Newman in the 60s.

Do you use Bloglovin’ to read B&B? I have used it in the past, and recently switched over from Google Reader again just to test the waters – man, a lot has changed! There is so much more functionality now… I’m sorta in love!

I’m shaking with excitement over this DIY decoupage bagH – you HAVE to see the project in this tutorial, it’s gorgeous!

How to be a hipster. (Full of LOLs and accurate facts.)

I’ve been looking for this tutorial forever – how to turn a big, baggy, typically-men’s-or-unisex-tee into a fitted tee!

The best name for a loan office that I’ve ever seen?

This dress from Spool No. 72 feels like a summer-fall hybrid with the mustard color and the fuchsia sash… I’m into it! (This site is my latest discovery – so adorable!)

Check out this high school fashion from 1969! How cute! (Those tights!!)

Don’t forget sunscreen this weekend!

Probably watching Netflix.