Need Holiday Nail Art Inspiration? Look No Further!

2012 has easily been the Year the Nails. You can’t swing a dead cat throw a rock (?) without hitting some new form of nail art, nail color, nail effect, nail wrap, nail stamps… You get where I’m going with us. Nail stuff is everywhere. You will love nail art, and you will love it forever. Obey.

Holiday Nail Inspiration - Fair Isle Christmas Sweater Design

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I wasn’t always a fan of holiday-themed nails, but it seems that in my old age I’m starting to warm up to the idea. I’ve collected my favorite holiday-inspired nails from around the web to share with you, in case you’re not creative enough to come up with something on your out. Like me.

Blue Glitter Star Holiday Nail Inspiration

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Poinsetta Holiday Nail Art

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Candy Cane Holiday Nail Inspiration

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Grey Glitter - Holiday Nail Inspiration

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Purple Glitter Snowman Holiday Nail Inspiration

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Christmas Lights - Holiday Nail Inspiration

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Let It Snow  - Holiday Nail Inspiration

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Are you doing your nails for the holidays?

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Lindsay Ginn

Livin' in your basement, eatin' your canned foods.

  • Kory

    Love this nail looks, but some of them look so complicated! I could never do something like that myself, and I’m so hard on my nails it wouldn’t be worth it.
    Lately I’ve been doing my regular manicure with a glittery top coat or one glittery nail to spice things up a little bit.

    • Lindsay

      It’s definitely a labor of love! Thank goodness for glitter, it’s so good at making everything look better.

  • Dbakeca Italia

    All of them are absolutely gorgeous!