Monday Wedgie: The Equivalent of “Naked Dress”

Remember “The Naked Dress” from Sex And The City? (I’ve decided that I really need to just buckle down and watch the entire series start to finish, as I’ve never seen it. I’m not sure why The Naked Dress was anything but free, seeing as it’s clearly a pillowcase with strings attached, but that’s neither here nor there.) We’re creeping closer and closer to Hell Week in Seattle – it’s the one week every summer that temperatures reach actual, summer-like temperatures… like 95! 98! In the last few years, we’ve even been hitting 100. (I know. No one is impressed.)

I want to wear the equivalent of The Naked Dress, but in wedge form. If I’m going to be wearing shorts and skirts and other, uh, air-circulating garments, I’m going to need the height, I’m not gonna lie. I usually hate shoes that try to give the illusion that there’s nothing covering the foot – or rather, my logical sensibilities are offended by them, but in this heat… the idea of leather covering any part of my skin is giving me pretty much the worst feeling ever.

The barely-there strapes on these Relish wedges are minimally covering, but secure enough for me to ease my “ankle breaking?” anxieties. Plus, sparkly.

> Nine West Relish Wedges: $39.99 <


Probably watching Netflix.