Monday Wedgie: The “Goes With Everything” Boot

Attractive, tall, wedge boots, much like fairly priced coffee in Seattle, are not an easy feat to come by. They either make you look like you have have weird figure-skater pants on over your heels, or… hooves (and not in a cool Rick Owens way).

Coming across these J. Jill boots restored my faith in my (& others’) ability to wear something other than a wedge oxford or wedge sandal. Wedge boots can be a real thing, if people stop making them like this and keep making them like this:

J Jill Wedge Booties

Can’t you see how easily these will fit into my wardrobe? No? Well, trust me, they would and do. I mean, they don’t because I don’t have them (yet?) but just trust me, I would wear them with my darkest denim and again, later, with tights and a pencil skirt. These are the kind of boots that go with everything.

> J. Jill Wedge Booties: $69.99 <

Probably watching Netflix.