SHOP: Mystic Metal & Organics

 I am horrible at accessories, and haven’t worn a pair of earrings in about 6 years. I don’t like the dangling and I always feel too done up when I wear them, and not in the good, gawdy-sequins way. I got my ears stretched (barely – they’re only at 10g right now!) so I’d never have to worry about feeling too delicate – no matter what kind of jewelry I had in, it would always be comfortable.

I don’t know how large I’d like to stretch my ears, but I do know that designers are starting to get more and more creative with their designs for gauged ear jewelry.

Haley, an editor at B&B’s sister site, Awakened Aesthetic, has stretched ears as well (she wrote about some beautiful vintage-inspired plugs here). Hers are far more substantial at 5/8″, so I use our friendship as an excuse to ogle the many beautiful pieces at shops like Mystic Metals & Organics.

Mystic Metals & Organics Body Jewelry

Rarely will you find pieces like these in a body jewelry store, much less for a price like these! I was blown away when I visited Mystic Metals’ Etsy shop and saw that their inventory had over 450 items in it – most of which are plugs ranging in sizes 00g – 2″.


Mystic Metals presses botanicals like Queen Anne’s Lace and four leaf clovers, and sets them with clear resin, which allows you to see right through the jewelry. (Those daisies so remind me of Irune, the beauty editor – they’re her favorite!) 

Clockwise from top left: Four Leaf Clover Plugs, $24.99; Yellow Queen Anne’s Lace Plugs, $24.99; Blue Queen Anne’s Lace Plugs, $24.99; Embedded Flower Plugs, $24.99.


Whether it’s a vintage drawing or actual, frozen-in-time starfish, there are all sorts of oceanic inspired pieces.

Top to bottom: Jellyfish Drawing Plugs, $19.99; Vintage Octopus Picture, $19.99; Embedded Starfish Plugs, $24.99

Girly & Flashy

There is all manner of girly represented on the Mystic Metals site. There is grrl stuff, glitter, vintage pin-ups, pearls, cameos, and God only knows what else lurks in their huge inventory…


Clockwise from top left: Embedded Glitter Plugs, $19.99; Vintage Tattooed Woman Plugs, $19.99; Rosie the Riveter Plugs, $19.99; Cameo Resin Plugs, $24.99; Pinup Picture Plugs, $19.99.

High Class

The idea of such a bold, ~alternative~ style being done in a high class material like gold flake or mother of pearl makes me really happy. Some of the classiest people I’ve ever met are sneered at on a daily basis by people who have passed judgement on their appearance. These plugs are my homage to them – they’d love these pieces!

Top to bottom: Embedded Gold Flake Plugs, $29.99; Embedded Mother of Pearl Plugs (5/8″ only), $19.99; Alphonse Mucha Plugs, $19.99.

Check out more Mystic Metals designs here! 

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