Nail Obsessed: Two Polish Addicts & Their Top “Five” Lacquer Colors

Meet Irune & George.

This morning, I observed these two women talk for three straight hours about one. thing:

Nail polish, lacquers, varnishes & colors.

This is Irune in Accessorize Electric Blue (hard to find…)!

I’m not exaggerating in the least bit. Phone photos were shared, bottles were counted, discontinued colors were nostalgically recalled and described in precise detail, and neither gal even so much as misspelled a name.

I felt it would be a case of intellectual robbery & missed opportunity if I didn’t mine their little addict heads for their top colors.  I’m only starting to amass a collection of polishes, myself, but am far behind when it comes to knowledge of available options.  These girls put me in my place.

I also noticed that polish addicts have an extremely hard time sticking to a set number of favorites.  If I hadn’t intervened, this “top five” would probably be a “top twenty-seven.”

PS… If you see a star by a name of a polish, that means it’s either super expensive, super hard to find, or both. Bum deal!


Irune likes to hang out in Spain, where she is a graphic designer and general color-addict. Her nails are always bright (and usually, so are her lips!).  She’s definitely the person to go to when you want to know a creative way to incorporate color into your life!  She favors blues, but she was nice enough to offer up her top “five” colors – blue or not!

George from Varnished Valkyrie

George is one half of the nail-fanatic blog, Varnished Valkyrie.  She and her blog-partner/BFF (the best type of BFF, and of course we’re not biased) have some of the most beautiful nail beds and shaping that I’ve ever seen on the end of a finger.  Plus, they’re both ladies of the stage, so their flashiness knows no bounds!

Lacquer-obsessed ladies, come out of the woodwork! What are your top “five” colors?

Probably watching Netflix.

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