Narciso Rodriguez for DesignNation – Time To Buy!

A while back, we got the opportunity to see, touch & feel some pieces from the Narciso Rodriguez x Kohl’s collaboration without our own hands. I’m always loathe to laud a collection of clothing that I have never ever touched – fabric has so much to do with clothing, I just can’t tell you guys to run out & buy something that I’ve never rubbed on my own face, you know?

I am definitely the weirdo strolling through the store touching every. single. thing. in the store. Stuff I would wear, stuff I wouldn’t wear, stuff I might wear if the fabric feels like bunnies or heaven – or bunny heaven. (But not real bunnies, ew.) A great-feeling fabric can make the most boring sweater or jacket into the most versatile, exciting piece in your closet.

(By the way, the thing that I rubbed by face on and loved was this gorgeous jacket… it is beautiful and soft and looks amazing on a body!)

That brings me back to…

 Narciso Rodriguez for DesigNation at Kohl’s 

Now is absolutely the time to buy – why? It’s the freaking holidays, so everything is on sale, and if that wasn’t enough, a code at the bottom of this post will gain you an extra 20% off anything from this collection (well, really it’s sitewide, so anything from Most things are deeply discounted, and still available in tons of sizes. Here is a smattering of my favorite pieces from the collection that I’d deem “worth buying” in a heartbeat:


1. Wool-Blend Coat, $65

I can’t help but think of Jennifer when I see this coat, as she excitedly sent me a message yesterday with a link to a similar coat and, in all caps, “OUTSIDE ROBE.” This is more substantial than any inside robe I’ve ever seen, being that it’s a wool-blend coat that is comfortable and roomy enough to accommodate layers. And lounging.

2. Colorblock Ponte Sheath Dress, $30

I declare this shape and style of dress to be the most universally flattering. I can’t think of one person who wouldn’t look fantastic in this cut, especially with the color-blocking placed where it is. It comes in two other color combinations, but this low-key version is my favorite.

3. Basketweave Georgette Top, $27

This top would be a really cool addition to the “look cooler just because you’re wearing it” part of the closet. I always feel classier when I’m wearing something silky like this.

4. Colorblock Sweaterdress, $39

This is another thing that I’m putting on the list solely because it looks super, super comfortable and perfect for sitting around on really cold days. Something about the pattern on this knit makes me think of apres ski style. I can’t deny that I would be tempted to wear it in a lodge solely because it felt right.

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5. Scroll Mixed-Media Dress, $35

Those black panels on the side are God’s gift to anyone feeling down on themselves. On top of that, the orange on top is such a beautiful contrast to the black colorblocking. Also: pockets! 

6. Basketweave Charmeuse Pants, $24

These are some pretty intense pants, I will admit, but I can see exactly how I want to wear them. Super easy, black heels and a big, fluffy sweater on top. The answer is always “big fluffy sweater.”

7.  Paisley Empire Dress, $37

Another flattering style, this is a perfect-for-autumn dress that is the most popular among the my friends. It’s such a sweet style, and comes with a slip “for modesty.” Makes me wonder what the dress looks like without it…

8. Pieced Ponte Pencil Skirt, $27

Always a classic, I was excited to see a black pencil skirt in the collection’s offerings. The panels add extra stretchiness and there is a super-hot, two-way, exposed zipper all the way down the back for added… sauce.

What are your favorite pieces from the Narciso Rodriguez for DesigNation collection?

Oh, right, and that coupon code for 20% off…