Navy Lace Under $50!

This post is actually a by-product of my quest for a white lace dress. I had never realized how many navy blue lace garments there were out there, and moreover, I had never realized how much I really liked it. The almost-black color mixed with the texture of the lace makes it glow in a low-lit, cool way.

Commence Obsession: Navy Blue Lace


1. Lace Tee by The Limited, $14.99
2. Topshop Scallop Frill Lace Vest, $30
3. Cropped Lace Short-Sleeve Top from Delia*s, $24.50
4. Topshop Linear Lace Bralette, $32
5. Paisley Lace Dress from Nasty Gal, $40.60
6. Eyelash Lace Tee from Kohl’s, $15.99
7. DEPT Flowy Lace Shorts from 6pm, $36.99
8. Modcloth Sighed Glances Dress in Steel Blue, $44.99

Probably watching Netflix.

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