Navy, Navy, Navy, Navy

(The other post title option was “in the navy” and that’s just too cheesy, even for me.)

I’ve clearly fallen into some kind of navy haze. I’m not sure what happened, or when, but all of a sudden I went from telling my boyfriend to “never get a navy suit, they’re so boring” to getting two navy blue nail polishes in one week, falling head over heels for navy lace dresses, and buying a pair of navy blue sneakers after my own shoes started to tear my feet apart, mid-date.

I’m obsessed with this navy blue polish from my Julep box this month (get your first month for $0.01 with the code: COLOR2012). It’s called “Eloise” and it’s a creamy, deep, cool, navy blue. Then, when my boyfriend (second mention, same article – serious!) took me out on Saturday night, I wore my all-too-cute Mea Shadow flats, which made quick, blistering work of my sad, scared pinky toes so we wandered into H&M where I picked up these…

Navy blue, faux-leather sneakers?

Karma! This is all karma. I’m being surrounded with the very thing I chastised – navy blue! I’m sorry, Boyfriend Whim, you should totally get a  navy suit… not just because you want one but because I’m obsessed with it.

Will I still go to Converse Heaven after buying these shoes? I’m not sure, but I’m not uncomfortable with it – whatever the outcome. The only problem: I have no idea how to wear them. I’m not even going to tell you what I wore them with on the day I bought them because it was entirely shameful.

But I want to wear them correctly well! You know, do them justice for being so preppy but so tough at the same time.

Navy Blue Fashion Wish List

My favorite part, so far, about being in love with navy blue? The prices.

Razzle Dazzle Color Block Cardigan, $22.97
Wool Double-Breasted Cut-Away Coat, $39.99
Topshop Sleeveless Peplum Top, $36
Mossimo Skinny Pant, $24.99
J. Crew Linen Cable Knit Cardigan, $29.99
Mossimo Stretch Ankle Pants, $22
 Pleated Belted (Free Belt!) Skirt from Delia*s, $34.50
American Eagle Outfitters T-Strap Ballet Flats, $34.95

What’s your favorite color lately?