Poketo for Target Make Office Pretty

Ever since I was a wee child, I have had a passionate love affair with office supplies. Any and all kinds – I love them. This includes stationery, day planners, calendars, pen cases, file folders, and oh god the notepads

I’ve been keeping my eye on Poketo for a long time now – Poketo is a collective of artists and masters of design that sell their doodles together, and I just saw that they’ve announced a new Poketo x Target 2012 collaboration is available in select stores! (They’d had one previously in 2010 which included bags and other cute things, but this one – it’s all about the office.)

Check out this list to see if your local Target is stocking Poketo x Target 2012!

Where do you get your favorite inexpensive (or not) day planners and date books?

Probably watching Netflix.

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