Prepare for Spring Rain at MyHabit

Getting caught in the rain = super romantic.

Walking home in the rain by yourself in fabric sneakers & no hood or umbrella = not romantic.

This month (and a bit of next month), MyHabit (Amazon’s flash sale site) will be offering up tons of springtime-weather-friendly goods from picnic baskets to Leoffler Randall rain boots for less than $80! ¬†Blags, coats and cute accessories included.

Here’s the lineup:

  • April 6: Outdoor Snacktime
  • April 6: Rain Boots
  • April 7: Spring Rainwear for Girls
  • April 16: Rainforest Spring Outerwear (I don’t know what that means any more than you do, I assure you.)
  • April 20: Picnic at Ascot
  • May 10: Picnic Time

Sign up for MyHabit with your Amazon account, or create a new account through the image below:

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Probably watching Netflix.