Shop Talk: Hunter Boots, Out of Line?

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More and more, lately, I’m coming across a plethora of rubber monstrosities as I’m browsing various shoe sections. At first, I thought it was a rain boot company trying to blend the idea of “trendy statement shoe” with “water-repellant rubber boot” and felt eternally bad for them and their destiny of failure. I even thought that they ripped off Hunter Boots‘ famous label, with the red, white and black rectangle.

It was only then that my heart began to sink as I realized it was actually Hunter Boots creating these… these… things.

Someone please explain.

I can’t imagine the person who would see the silver, knee-high, rubber, wedge boots with ankle straps and say, “Oh, these are perfect.” What do they look like? What do they eat for breakfast? What movies were they raised on? So many questions. I call those boots the pièce de résistance because there is pretty much no other boot that could come close to the number of branches those boots took out whilst falling out of the Tragedy Tree.

That aside, the most important question, of course…

Would you wear Hunter’s ~fancy boots?

(Need a closer look? From left to right: Hunter Watling Rubber Combat Boot, $225 (!!); Hunter Chandler Boots, $197; Hunter Miles Glossy Wedge Boot, $185; Hunter Silver Wedge Boot With Ankle “Belt”…, $175)