Taking Home With You

Home is a concept that I think about a lot, having been through various apartments in a couple different states, and having had a few different co-habitation situations under my belt. Obviously this post title is synonymous with the classic, “home is where the heart is” sentiment, which I find overused and… well, almost misleading.

I hear this sentiment so often when talking about romantic relationships, and giving your heart to another person, thereby making them a part of your proverbial “home,” etc. I was on board with that idea for a long time until I found myself in a strange place, all by myself. Where’s home, then?

The answer, for me, was that I had to make it myself. Given that I have a somewhat unpredictable and impulsive nature, it doesn’t make too much sense to create home with large, bulky material items that need to be managed and cared for in the event of an oncoming whim, so when I spotted this Roof Ring (by Stil), it reminded me of how important it is to remember to take time to build a home within yourself – something portable that you can always crawl into for comfort or safety or [some other sentimental word, this post is too mushy. This post needs moar irreverence.], which is definitely something I need to remember to do more.

Besides, it’s just cute.

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Probably watching Netflix.