Style Remake: Ali Larter’s Laid Back 70’s Look

I really, really like time-period-related trends. They are my favorite. Oh, except for the 1980s. I’m sorry, I know it’s popular right now, but it is a huge mistake, you guys. This is some kind of cosmic joke that the universe is playing on us. Bring back 80s fashion? Yeesh. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid, folks. Your fanny pack is neither flattering nor ironic.

But I digress.

That’s why this photo caught my eye as it fluttered across my desk. Ali Larter looks completely anachronistic in this outfit, but with really welcome, modern lines.

I love Ali Larter’s jeans… They’re actually by a brand called MiH Jeans, and this specific cut is called the Marrakesh Nico. I just like how seamless the bell on those flares is – it’s perfectly tailored, and not comically large, or anything. Just a basic bell. Unfortunately for those of us more on the broke end of Broke & Beautiful, this gorgeous piece of denim rings in at just over $200… Sad, right? (If you’ve got the means, though, you can find them here!)

There’s also something to be said for that true, blue color. Denim has such a range of washes and hues, it’s kind of startling to see denim be so.. well, blue. (I call it “Old Man Jeans Blue.”) You definitely don’t run across it too often (but I can’t say I’ve ever actively looked for it until now…).


1. Vince Ophelia Fonda Flares$85 (sale – down from $245!)
2. TEXTILE Elizabeth & James Jimi Jeans: $78 (sale!)
3. James Jeans Humphrey Flares: $54.99 (sale!)
4. Old Navy Sailboat Print Top: $29.94 (also in red/black)
5. Mudd Floral Dolman Top: $11.99 (!)
6. Old Navy Pleated Floral Top: $19.97
7. ModCloth Hyacinth in the Sky Top: $49.99
8. Fraas Linen Scarf$28
9. American Eagle Oversized Cat-Eye Sunglasses: $15.50
10. TopShop Square Frame Sunglasses: $32
11. Aldo Gaudy Sunglasses: $12

So I guess this is a very “boho” look, even though I hate that word. But there’s no denying that’s what this would be if you wanted to give it a horrible name.

Probably watching Netflix.

One thought on “Style Remake: Ali Larter’s Laid Back 70’s Look

  • February 23, 2012 at 12:12 pm

    Must love the last blouse. I have a thing for pussybows. Now to quietly dispose of my ironic fanny pack! (Just kidding. It’s a sarcastic fanny pack.)

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