Things I Almost Bought at Old Navy LastWeekend.

By:       Lindsay        

Last weekend, I went to an Old Navy store. Well, let me back up – last week, I played around on for about… 4 hours, going through their entire site inventory (one of my favorite past times) and seeing what their “Stock Up & Save” sale was really all about. I expected there to be abundant basics with maybe a few interesting pieces at excellent discounts… But they have really boosted their inventory! I was finding tons of things at 30%, 50%… even 60% off!

A swoon-worthy and dangerous situation.

Because I’m a good budget devotee, I try to buy things from big stores like that online – after trying them on in the store. That way, I can scour sites like  RetailMeNot and Coupon Cabin for the appropriate coupon codes and special deals that will make my already discounted loot even cheaper.

Fortunately, the Stock Up & Save sale goes until March 21st, so there’s plenty of time to see how much online purchases will save me – if there’s no “Free Shipping” code, there’s a good chance that the in-store prices will be better! (Feel free to be less cheap than I am and just buy things you like wherever and whenever you see them.)

Here are the items precariously poised in my shopping cart:

Cropped Cuffed-Sleeve Top in Red $9

Yeah, it’s a little Pretty In Pink, I admit it. I just love the pajama-factor here. Over a maxi skirt, over some high-waisted jeans – perfection.

The Rock Start Jeggings $19

I have a pair of these in red, but this electric blue looked like so much fun. They also have a hot pink floating around in some stores – take a look!

Charmeuse 3/4 Sleeve Button-Down $24

This is a really beautiful, semi-sheer, drapey button down similar to the famous (& freaking expensive) Equipment blouses that are so popular right now. This black one was my temptation (I’ve been wanting a sheer, loose button-down forever!), but hot pink and kelly green are also available options.

Striped Jersey Dolman-Sleeve Top $18-$22

I’m just nuts about anything pastel lately. This shirt is just a wear-able, non-messy sherbet waiting to be consumed.


Plaid Gauze Button-Down $15

I love the blue, but I fell in love with the blinding neon yellow… which is no longer available online. Looks like a back-to-the-store trip is definitely confirmed!

Check out the Stock Up & Save sale before it ends on 3/21!