Thurs-DIY: Shoes & Things To Do With Them

Matching glitter-embellished oxfords for Mom & her little one from Love Maegan, Queen of Shoe DIY.

Adding a thick, sparkling, glitter sole, as the folks at Could I Have That did, will make any shoes infinity cooler.

If you’re a regular reader, you know how much we love a good rear view, and this cheeky little heart by A Matter of Style is the perfect punctuation on any good walk-away.

Studding up an old pair of Vans… still looks really preppy! Who would have thought? (via Honestly…WTF)

Love Maegan takes to the shoe DIY again – this time with neon nail polish!

I’m really tempted to “galaxy up” everything I own, thanks to this cute shoe tutorial from Swellmayde!

Or, if galaxies aren’t you’re thing and you’re more of a “within the Earth’s atmosphere” person, maybe just add some wings to your shoes, like My Poppet.

All the Good Girls Go to Heaven is one of my new favorite blog finds – they’ve inspired me to take my heeled oxfords and dip dye them red!

I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before, but it makes perfect sense to recover your TOMS with new fabric! Thanks, Carbon Magazine!

This version of a homemade studded oxford is a lot more elegant and sophisticated than a lot of the other tutorials I’ve seen! (via Runway DIY)

I LOVE how glitter is becoming more and more acceptable for daytime! Le Fanciulle‘s camel brown boots make a gold, glittery backside seem pretty tame.

Once again, Love Maegan DIYs her way into a homemade pair of Brian Atwood flower heels!

This is the first time I’ve seen a DIY for wellie boots! T’is the season of rain, so why not add a cute ribbon lace up the back of your ugly rubber boots? (via Beach Brights)

This is my favorite look in the whole list: Classic brown lace-up boots with an antique-y gold toe! How gorgeous, right? Thank you, Studs & Pearls!

Not for the easily skittish – these amazing dress shoes I found on Hi Consumption have dozens of teeth for soles! (Gold teeth included!) Can’t help but wonder what a load of fake teeth and a glue gun would produce…

All the Good Girls Go to Heaven also did a really interesting tutorial for cut-out boots – I think I really like the look!

Please leave your favorite shoe DIYs/tutorials below!

Probably watching Netflix.