$6 Dresses at UNIQLO? Yes, it’s Real

Caution: this will make you skeptical. This is a real, live, high-end brand whose price tags are definitely indicative of the quality of the product… and it’s available to you for less than $10.

They are having a completely out of control ridiculous sale on their site right now. I got so excited that I got a little nauseous. I mean, this is the first thing I saw:


All that SALE. Those prices. That stuff. One way to quickly disarm a broke girl: flash “SALE” at her and make your prices stupid low. I’m one peacoat away from drooling on myself.

UNIQLO is known for their awesome, layer-able, interesting basics, so that’s the majority of what you’ll find in their really unnecessarily excellent sale section right now and then put signs about it everywhere in white on red. There are long sleeved shirts, sweaters, tanks, pants, leggings, t-shirts… You name it, it’s probably in there, and it’s probably under $10. The most expensive things I saw were silk dresses for $60. I mean, come on.

There are a handful of pretty awesome dresses that have interesting shapes and really awesome colors available for less than $10. (Is this real life?)

UNIQLO Dresses Under $10L-R: Dip O’2nd Sleeveless Dress, $5.90; Dip O’2nd Short Sleeve Dress, $5.90; Dip O’2nd Polka Dot Dress, $9.90; Dip O’2nd Piped Dress, $9.90

What’s that? Dresses aren’t your favorite and you’re interested in a $3.90 mini skirt? Yeah, me too. Have some extra cash? Upgrade to a freaking satin mini skirt for only $19.90.

I’m not really sure what kind of October Witchcraft brought this sale on, but I would take full advantage, if I were you. Pretty much everything is $3.90, $5.90, $9.90 or $19.99. It’s kind of mind-boggling.

Check out the full sale at UNIQLO here!

  • Lauren Lee

    I have bee a huge fan and loyal customer of uniqlo for some years now.. they have awesome staples… their “heat-tech” shirts are PERFECT for keeping you warm.. and are form fitting so you don’t have to look like are drowning in an abundance of layers once it’s cold out :)

    Thanks for the posting this! I will definitely be doing so more shopping now! xx

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