Daily Deal: An Ornate Fate Bib Collar Necklace

For about two entire years, my preferred garment was a basic, super-plain, v-neck t-shirt. I wore them with everything and I had (correction: have) one in just about every color. Slightly oversized, tissue-thin, and perfect in every way.

Well, then something changed. I’m not sure what it was, but a once “perfect” tee became “boring,” and my shirt collection became lacklustre. This may also have something to do with a large-ish chunk of weight that I dropped in 2012, rendering “slightly oversized” shirts baggy. Ugly-baggy. Not flattering-baggy.

This partially explains my resulting tryst with bib & peter pan collar necklaces. They instantly pick up any boring top and make it creative & interesting!

Ornate Fate Peter Pan Collar Necklace

This bib collar necklace from ModCloth is only $21.99. It even has a solid, faux button on the very front! I love the filigree detailing throughout the collar. It’s not too fussy, but it’s definitely not too plain.

Check it out: ModCloth An Ornate Fate Necklace, $21.99

Probably watching Netflix.

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