Daily Deal: Basic Crewneck Raglan Sweater

This sweater is like the baseball tee of sweaters. They are always handy to have around when you don’t really want to try very hard to look put moderately put together. They are one color – easy to match. They have a super basic shape that looks clean and makes sense with lots of different separates. The baseball tea of sweaters is also the Sriracha of sweaters because it’s honestly good on everything.

Sonoma Raglan Slub Sweater

This one is from Sonoma (a brand at Kohl’s) and it comes in 11 different colors. No joke.

Right now, it’s on sale for only $15, so if you’re interested in upping your lazy sweater game this season, now would be an excellent time to do it.

Check it out!: Sonoma Raglan Slub Sweater, $15 at Kohl’s