Daily Deal: Blast Off Espresso Cups

If I had to pick one consumer product as my life force, it would undoubtedly be coffee. Not only am I hopelessly addicted to the stuff, but I am the slowest coffee drinker maybe on the planet.

I’m not totally sure why, but my current theory is that I suffer from coffee separation anxiety. I’m never ready for it to be gone. Rocket Blast Off Espresso Cups

Maybe soy caramel lattes aren’t my best bet when it comes to coffee efficiency. I need lots of it to stay happy (a so-far personal choice) and I drink it as slowly as humanly possible. I’m talking a 16oz coffee over 2 hours type of situation. I develop a relationship with it. Maybe espressos are more my calling?

Plus, these are rockets, okay? What more convincing do I really need? (The price helps…)

Check it out!: Fred & Friends Set of 2 Blast Off Espresso Cups, $12.99 at JCPenney