Daily Deal: Fundamental Tank Dress

It’s time to start collecting summer-friendly dresses! It’s been in the mid-80s all week in Seattle and naturally, we all think the world is ending. I’ve acquired my first Driving Sunburn (where only my left shoulder and arm are bright red, the rest is still pale as it ever was) and my friends and I are trying to figure out how to market a product that will prevent thighs from sticking to everything. “Thighrations” is our working title.

If you, you know, ever leave your house, you might consider building up a collection of dresses that won’t have you ripping your skinny jeans off in the middle of the grocery store. (I’m still allowed inside, just not in the frozen food sections.) 

Fortunately, the fashion industry understands that people get arrested for public indecency during the warmer months, so they’ve made a monstrous array of summer dresses available at crazy prices. And if you’re Brooklyn Industries, you run a BOGO sale where your second dress is 50% off. (Code: DRESSBOGO)

Fundamental Tank Dress

Fundamental Tank Dress might sound like a boring name for a cute dress, but look me in the eyes and tell me it doesn’t fit this frock perfectly. It even has pockets! And is gray! But also has blue! What more could you want in a dress?

As this is part of the BOGO sale, and priced at $58, you could easily snag two dresses for less than $90! I’d suggest this one as your second, but that’s just me.

Check it out!: Fundamental Tank Dress from Brooklyn Industries, $58