Daily Deal: Little Black Corset Skater Dress

There’s always room for another little black dress. That’s a saying, right? If it’s not, it should be. Let’s pretend I made it up and now get paid every time someone posts it on the internet. That’s how quotes work, right?

Anyway, back to black dresses. I think a LBD with corset seaming and a skater skirt would be a pretty ideal addition to my [honestly lacking in black dresses] closet. It’s easy to wear, it’s flattering on pretty much every body type, and it’s ridiculously affordable.

EXPRESS LIttle Black Corset Dress

I don’t know what’s gotten into EXPRESS, but today they’ve decided to give you 50% off of everything in their entire inventory. Every. Single. Item.

So that means that this $50 dress is only $25 today. And if you don’t dig the black part of LBD, fear not – it also comes in navy blue. And if you don’t like that, here is an adorable stripey thing with a cute red belt, and you can have that for 50% off, too.

…and yes, that includes the sale section.

Go get crazy! I don’t know how long this sale will last!

Check it out!: Corset Skater Dress, $24.95 at EXPRESS

Probably watching Netflix.

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