Daily Deal: NARS Cream Blush for $10

When it comes to cosmetics that you put directly on the planes of your face, I’m kind of at a loss. I know how to do three things, total: tinted moisturizer, bronzer and highlighter.

Blush is something that scares that crap out of me. If you grew up as pale and Irish-White as I did, you’re probably the kind of person who walks up to the blush products and immediately looks horrified. It feels like people are suggesting you place melted crayons on the peaks of your face. The tropical pack. It feels wrong.

But I admit, I’ve been curious for a long time. Every time I talk to a makeup consultant, they steer me in the direction of the “most flattering shade” – peach.

Daily Deal: NARS Cream Blush in Peach

If you’re a connoisseur at all, you know that NARS is amazing. I’ve heard legends about the blush, specifically, but have to admit that I’ve never tried ti, myself. I have one cream blush experience, and it was… borderline traumatic, despite not having to go out in public. Let’s just say I have a heavy hand, and gently patting your finger is a really important mantra to repeat to yourself in the mirror while you’re applying it.

But for NARS… I think I’d spend $10 (instead of the regular price: $23) to give this peach with gold shimmer (the color is called “Enchanted” but that information helps pretty much no one when it comes to talking about it) a chance to make my pasty, winter face into something that looks like it has access to blood.

Check it out!: NARS Cream Blush in Enchanted, $10 at Sephora