Daily Deal: Paisley Bustier Dress

This morning, while  was drinking my coffee, I looked outside the window by my desk and saw the most horrible thing…

Someone was raking leaves.

Leaves. That means they are on the very un-summery ground. I mean, I get that it’s the middle of August and everything, but I really wasn’t aware that we were going to switch seasons this abruptly. I was informed that there would be a gradual transition, like maybe the experience of seeing a leaf fall comes before there are enough leaves on the ground that you need to call in professionals. As I’m typing this, there is a dude with a leaf blower out that same window. What is wrong with the world? …Is it my window?

Paisley Bustier Dress from Aeropostale

So today, I’m clinging to the last bits of the “plants are alive” seasons with a white & blue paisley bustier summer dress.

Check it out!: Paisley Bustier Dress from Aéropostale, $22.25 (was $44.50)